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Innovation of the screening of personnel entry and leaving the area with the most High level affordable equipment.

  • Can be used effectively without having to invest expenses with the use of IP Camera that can easily be purchased

  • Reduce maintenance costs

  • Can identify more than 2000 face with more than 95% accuracy

Record the entry of the employee in affordable price.


Real-Time Notification

Export data for work


Store data by Cloud System

You can check data everywhere

Low cost, Easy to install

and low maintain


Hardware comes with an effective management system. That accommodates many features.

  • Able to download face scan data from anywhere, Require only internet access.

  • The system can be adjusted according to Business Logic, for example, the blacklist system if you do not come to work for more than 3 days, etc.


Compare GENISYS with scanning machines in the market

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  • The installation cost per machine is quite low. Because low-cost webcam and Ip camera can be used. The system can recognize more than 2,000 faces with more than 95% accuracy.

  •   Recording information can be used for a variety of uses, such as sending notifications to the supervisor. Or bringing the information to the report as needed

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  •   Although some models are more sleek and can recognize the face of employees in the database of more than 50,000 listings

  •   But with a relatively high price, The average costs is about 7,000+ to 40,000 + bath/per machine. 

  •    In addition, the information received from the scanning machine can’t be use for more work.

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